Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

71 An integrated solution that embeds security into every element of the business offers several key benefits. It enables digital agility by bringing a business context to the security environment and removes siloes to help businesses gain insights, spot opportunities and take risks securely. Furthermore, it empowers organisations to develop solutions for innovation and growth, and it permeates the digital ecosystem to combine flexibility with impenetrability. Businesses can further unlock the value of strong security and use it as a business enabler by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into their approach. Taking burden away from IT teams, it can help to quickly sift through enormous volumes of data to flag threats and, with time, begin to predict and prevent them. By taking a modern, holistic approach with security enmeshed in every element, businesses can strike the balance between cyber resilience, business objectives and strategy alignment, all whilst protecting key assets. To turn cybersecurity from a barrier to an enabler, businesses need to move away from traditional, legacy security approaches that no longer serve modern business practices. By entwining a modern security approach into their digital fabric, organisations can move away from rigid processes and be empowered to leverage emerging opportunities, secure in the knowledge that all activities will be protected. In turn, security can help to unleash trapped value in a business from helping to drive innovation through internet of things solutions with a secure and trusted network to unlock insights that will continuously improve security decisions. By investing for agility with proper security built into every element of operations, businesses will start benefitting from a manageable, adaptable, resilient, and responsive approach designed for long-term growth and success. Mick McNeil is vice president of business development, and leads the Microsoft business unit at Logicalis