Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

81 solutions are crafted with high-quality materials that are built to last and comfortable to wear for long periods of time by providing the perfect balance between excellent audio, contemporary design and maximum comfort. But when considering audio solutions, it’s important to know that “what?” is a two-way street. The ability to have the other party understand what we are saying is at least as important as us understanding what they are saying. And that is also the difference between a premium headset versus headphones. Specifically designed for business, headsets typically include a microphone. Anyone can shout at their laptops or the speaker on their desks, so sound clarity both ways is what creates the ideal audio experience. Given the numerous issues that bad audio can create for business, it is not surprising that there is an appetite for change, and we at EPOS are ready to help. We are dedicated to providing customers with professional-grade audio devices that go deeper than audio quality alone. The IT world has finally discovered that the “bring your own device” mentality results in dissatisfaction for both the employee and those they are interacting with. So, just as no IT department would allow employees to use their own PCs on a corporate network, why should devices such as audio equipment be any different? Today’s business professionals need the best of the best when it comes to audio solutions. That’s why we partner with major industry-leading software and hardware providers to ensure proven end-to-end compatibility and a seamless plug and play experience. We also provide a software ecosystem that enables digital transformation and seamless communication anywhere, anytime and on any device. At EPOS, we are committed to helping you break up with bad audio by equipping businesses and their employees with the audio solutions – from headsets to speakerphones – needed to thrive in the hybrid workplace. By taking swift action and investing in high quality audio solutions, organisations can finally put “what?” out of business. John Ho is strategic alliance manager for Americas at EPOS