Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

96 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om Kristinn Jóhannsson Managing Director of Automobile and Mobility at Annata Axel Schmidt Global Automotive Lead at Accenture Janek Jochheim Product Manager of Cloud and SaaS at dSPACE “Following on from the co-development of the Microsoft Automotive Solution Accelerator, and recent key wins in the mobility solution sector, Microsoft and Annata continue to develop and bring to market extensions of the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform suite. Annata 365 solutions allow automotive businesses to intelligently and automatically engage with customers throughout the customer journey. Using machine learning models to continuously analyse connected vehicle data, customer profiles and service-related transactions, service suggestions can be made to customers and followed through to a completed service engagement where customers, service advisors and technicians are connected via a digital feedback loop.” “As the mobility industry transitions to softwaredefined vehicles, automotive manufacturers are facing huge development challenges. The transformation to electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity applications must be performed in sync. dSPACE offers an end-to-end development platform for testing and validating innovations with speed and efficiency. The company has been helping OEMs and suppliers master their development and validation challenges for more than 30 years. The close collaboration with Microsoft ensures maximised development efficiency, and using dSPACE solutions on Microsoft Azure supports the globally distributed development teams in the automotive industry to get the next generation vehicles on the road faster.” “Microsoft and Accenture are long-term strategic partners in the fields of technology and ecosystems. Accenture/ Avanade were awarded the Microsoft Automotive Partner of the Year Award for 2021. They collaborated to develop the Intelligent Fleet Management Solution that connects vehicles, drivers and operations, uncovering insights to boost fuel efficiency and lower emissions – a priority to meet sustainability goals. Microsoft’s connected vehicle platform, Azure Mobility, enables data-driven decision-making while Accenture focuses on extending the platform with a solution for fleet and vehicle management, handling the complexity of integration and tailoring this to the specifics of the fleet. The integrated approach lowers downtime through predictive analytics that flags problems before they happen.” F E ATUR E