Technology Record - Issue 24: Spring 2022

100 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om I NT E R V I EW Financial services organisations often struggle with storing data in multiple, disparate systems, including core banking systems, spreadsheets and customer relationship software. This leads to manual reporting, which can be messy and put them at risk of non-compliance. JourneyTEAM’s Chad Dunbar, an account executive, and Igor Salamatin, a business intelligence developer, explain how the company’s extensive experience in helping the industry to consolidate data allows key stakeholders to better understand and visualise data to make successful business decisions. How can JourneyTEAM help financial services organisations track, monitor and analyse data? Igor Salamatin (IS): We have helped many financial service organisations implement Microsoft Power BI, providing various insights into their data, such as which customers bring in the most money, if they’re losing customers, and sales and marketing effectiveness. We’ve worked to combine insights from Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to show our customers data to which they didn’t even know they needed access. We have also partnered with a non-profit loan organisation that helps people start a business. Previously, this organisation’s reporting process was manual and involved gathering Excel data and cleaning it multiple times, which inevitably led to errors. Now, we’ve connected its customer relationship management system to data sources so it can generate real-time, accurate reports every hour. Why is it important for financial services organisations to offer great customer service and how does JourneyTEAM help them achieve this goal? Chad Dunbar (CD): The old banking style focused mainly on savings and loans. Now, there are so many products available, from mortgage loans to financial planning. With more insight into who their customers are, what financial goals they have and their family profile, financial institutions can identify more cross-sale opportunities like credit card offers, business services, retirement plans, and car loans. If customer loyalty is low, then the opportunities like this dwindle. IS: With so many options to choose from, financial services really need to find an edge to remain competitive. That edge is attracting clients and customers as well as maintaining their loyalty by meeting their financial services’ Chad Dunbar and Igor Salamatin discuss how JourneyTEAM helps financial organisations make better use of their data and deliver great customer service Enabling better business decisions BY R I CHARD HUMPHR E Y S “ The formation of our financial services specialisation team is a great meeting of the minds” CHAD DUNBAR