Technology Record - Issue 24: Spring 2022

161 R E TA I L & C PG thinking about how to design and build future software solutions, namelywithcustomer-centric planning to ensure their expectations are met; continuous integration and delivery methods to ensure situation-oriented functionality; and a cloud-native design to optimise IT efficiency and spending. Retailers should also consider software development based on application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow all applications to interact with external operating systems, microservices and data. This is exactly what we did when developing our new cloud-native software platform for retail – Vynamic Retail Platform. We built a new cloud-native software platform from scratch for maximum scalability, security and performance. Open APIs enable smooth integration for adopting a best-of-breed ecosystem approach, while feature-rich microservices ensure high scalability that simplifies the composition and adaptation of journeys, and edge computing functionality provides offline availability. We offer different deployment scenarios, including as-a-service, with Microsoft Azure as a preferred partner, and we consistently use industry standards and cloud technologies for secure configuration and optimal performance. We believe this is the only way to achieve true scalability, security and performance in the cloud. Hosted as a service, leveraging open APIs and modular microservices, and offering dedicated industry packages, Vynamic Retail Platform is a modern cloud solution that supports connected, flexible and efficient shopping experiences for customers. It’s easily adaptable to all specific needs, with predictable investments for retailers. In short, it is natively designed to address the demands of retailers’ digital transformation journeys. Michael Schulte is vice president of product management retail software at Diebold Nixdorf Diebold Nixdorf developed a cloudnative software platform to improve retailers’ scalability, security and performance