Technology Record - Issue 24: Spring 2022

22 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om MAR K E TWATCH New Jabra research has found that those using professional audio devices experience fewer issues in virtual meetings on unified communications platforms, when compared to users of built-in or consumer audio devices. Most notably, they had less trouble hearing what’s being said than those using consumer devices, where almost 40 per cent reported audio issues. Additionally, professional device users were 10 per cent less likely than consumer device users to report feeling left out of the conversation. “In a hybrid-working world, getting the right devices for professional environments will truly make or break the virtual meeting experience,” said Nigel Dunn, managing director of EMEA North at Jabra. Professional audio improves meeting inclusion, finds Jabra K3 recently announced the acquisition of ViJi, a software developer that has developed a suite of products focused on sustainability. ViJi’s products enable brands to trace and authenticate the environmental and social credentials of their supply chains with ease. This includes the collection, verification and renewal of supplier certifications. “ViJi is highly complementary to K3, adding strategically important intellectual property and domain knowledge as we focus on the high-growth fashion and apparel sector and help to transform retail for good,” said Marco Vergani, CEO of K3. “We are very pleased to welcome the ViJi team to K3.” K3 acquires ViJi for greater supply chain traceability