Technology Record - Issue 24: Spring 2022

49 Alyssa Putzer Marketing Communications Specialist for Metafile Information Systems “In support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation unveiled its SUSTIE building in October 2020. The building’s purpose is to conduct research and demonstrate technology that can save energy and improve occupants’ health and comfort. The research is primarily focused on creating high-efficiency equipment, natural energy, building simulation technology, and accelerating the development of zero-energy buildings using energy-saving technologies. The ICONICS platform was chosen for its rich analysis and visualisation functions, advanced asset management, and simple installation and deployment process. Powered by Azure, the ICONICS dashboard provides visualisation and predictive analysis of energy consumption, building performance and occupant comfort, as well as secure control of the building automation system.” “We use a range of different tools and services to help our clients to reduce their carbon emissions. This includes Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Digital Twin and Cognitive Search. Our solution drives efficiency, gives users detailed analytics surrounding energy usage, and enables them to identify opportunities to improve their buildings’ environmental performance. We can help them to reach their sustainability goals by identifying ‘hot spots’ across their building and reducing their energy usage.” “Finding ways to be environmentally friendly and sustainable is crucial as we seek to combat climate change. One of the ways businesses are reducing their environmental footprint is with a process automation system. Companies produce a substantial amount of paper waste, but a process automation solution helps to reduce this by automating previously paper-based processes, capturing documents, pulling out pertinent information, automatically routing the document and indexing it without the need for manual intervention. No more paper, printer ink, manilla folders, filing cabinets or envelopes needed.” Mary Anne Ballouz Marketing Communications Writer, ICONICS Sam Hall Head of Technology, Metrikus