Technology Record - Issue 25: Summer 2022

100 V I EWPO I NT The science behind good communication Building on decades of psychoacoustic research, EPOS is creating technology for a truly modern meeting experience EPOS BrainAdapt is a group of pioneering technologies that work together to improve cognitive performance. Headsets, speakerphones and video bars that are built on EPOS BrainAdapt technology are designed to support the brain’s natural way of processing sound. This means less fatigue and more focus for you and the people with whom you communicate. Ultimately, it all comes down to understanding how the brain makes sense of sound. A great audio experience only happens when technology supports the brain’s listening process, helping it to perform as intended. EPOS builds on decades of psychoacoustic research into how the brain perceives sound, and designs audio and video solutions that provide the best listening conditions, so users can achieve more with less brain energy spent. Our brains are constantly scanning our surroundings, orienting themselves in their environments, distinguishing relevant sound from disturbing noises and choosing where to focus. Orient, focus, recognise – this is the process the brain performs to make sense of sound. Sounds that cannot be recognised are perceived as noise and noise stresses our brains, causing them to become tired and unfocused. EPOS is part of the Demant Group, a worldleading hearing healthcare and technology organisation, and as such builds on more than 115 years of experience of working with technology and sound. Based on decades of psychoacoustic research through the Demant Group, EPOS has the data on how and when the brain performs best, and designs audio and video solutions with unique algorithms and acoustics to provide the best conditions for the brain. Being part of the Demant Group allows EPOS to leverage the research and development of other companies within the group, such as Oticon and the world-leading Eriksholm Research Centre in Denmark. The Eriksholm Research Centre is the world’s largest psychoacoustic research facility. Its team of multidisciplinary experts identifies and demonstrates new opportunities within psychoacoustics, audiology, signal processing and behavioural science. At the Eriksholm Research Centre, EPOS documents the benefits of using EPOS solutions with advanced and proven test methods, in collaboration with internationally recognised research partners. This lays the foundation for EPOS to further develop product features and apply them in audio and video solutions that empower people to unleash their full potential through sound excellence. J OE DE BOL D : E POS “A great audio experience only happens when technology supports the brain’s listening process”