Technology Record - Issue 25: Summer 2022

123 F I NANC I A L S E R V I C E S Wim Geukens General Manager, VeriPark Europe Driving customer lifetime value is critical for those in financial services in what is a very competitive marketplace. An important factor in achieving this is the experience that customers face when accessing their accounts online. They want a fast, yet secure, experience as online fraud continues to grow and customer expectations are increasingly shaped by their engagement with big digital and e-commerce companies. The answer is to use biometric facial verification technology. Working seamlessly with Microsoft technology, it allows a user to quickly and easily access services, or their account, without needing to answer time-consuming security questions or remember passwords, which helps to ensure a positive experience.” “We understand how crucial technology is to meeting our clients’ expectations and business needs, especially technology that integrates with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. MetaViewer users have experienced lifetime value from their automation solution, especially when it comes to enhancing the customer experience. MetaViewer Paperless Automation, paired with Microsoft Dynamics 365, gives MetaViewer users the opportunity to enhance their relationship with customers, improve customer service and gives them greater insight into their business processes to drive strong, long-lasting business relationships with customers and vendors.” “Customer service is a critical component of any successful financial institution. It’s a way for banks and insurers to differentiate their business and stamp a brand on the minds of customers. It’s what keeps customers happy and coming back for more. At VeriPark, our mantra is that customers should tell their story only once. This requires an omnichannel approach that unites digital and assisted channels under one umbrella with a CRM system operating in the background. Leveraging a future-first and secure shared data foundation by Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services and a financial services industry exclusive technology stack that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365, VeriPark brings together all customer information into one place, enabling financial services organisations to transform data into actionable insights and deliver differentiated experiences resulting in higher satisfaction and greater customer loyalty.” Barley Laing UK Managing Director, Melissa Alyssa Putzer Marketing Communications Specialist, Metafile Information Systems