Technology Record - Issue 25: Summer 2022

42 E Y E B ROW As cybersecurity attacks continue to evolve, Microsoft is helping customers take a more proactive, layered approach to security. Vasu Jakkal and Rob Lefferts tell us about the important role of people and zero-trust strategies The cybersecurity landscape is becoming increasingly complex, according to Microsoft’s October 2021 Digital Defense Report. The image of a hooded figure working with lines of code on a laptop is no longer an accurate representation of the reality. Instead, businesses are falling victim to sophisticated and well-researched cybercriminal organisations with the resources and investments to deploy complex and well-informed attacks. However, Microsoft is leading the charge in equipping businesses with the tools to prevent and combat these attacks. “Our approach to security is unique in the industry,” says Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of security, compliance, identity and management at Microsoft. “We believe that anything short of end-to-end security is no security at all. We combine security, compliance, identity and management as an interdependent whole to look across entire organisations and eliminate gaps between solutions where attackers can leverage to sneak in and hide. “In security, working in silos or having gaps between solutions creates opportunity for exploitation. No one else brings these critical parts of risk management together, not as a suite, but as an approach that solves problems for customers on their terms across clouds and platforms. We have an approach that is truly end-to-end, and it is notable in how deeply this is embedded in our culture.” BY E L LY YAT E S - ROB E R T S threats Overcoming COV E R S TOR Y