Technology Record - Issue 25: Summer 2022

Digital, cloud and business solutions provider Avanade understood that the most pressing and frequent security breaches arose from stolen passwords obtained through phishing. To combat this, Avanade partnered with MISA member Feitian Technologies to implement passwordless solutions that would keep its customers safe. Feitian specialises in Fast Identity Online authentication and biometric security keys. Using these, it enabled Avanade to deliver fully authenticated access without passwords. In addition to enhanced security, the passwordless solution reduces IT administration workflows that are associated with managing lost or compromised passwords. “Every time there is a password reset, studies indicate a cost of between $75 and $125. We can reduce that cost and virtually eliminate password resets,” said Michael Gwynn, director of strategic projects at Feitian. Adopting passwordless security P ROF I L ED : AVANADE We asked a selection of Microsoft partners how they are using the firm’s technologies or engaging with the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to help customers improve their cybersecurity infrastructure and prevent attacks Partner perspectives “Built for Microsoft environments – and with Microsoft security tools at its heart – Open Systems MDR+ goes beyond just detection and response to actively mitigate attacks while limiting the impact to customers’ business operations. MDR+ achieves this by optimally configuring and managing customers’ existing Microsoft E5 Security suite investments, combined with deep insights into customers’ assets, architecture and operational workflows. This enables MDR+ to make tailored response decisions to minimise business disruptions and effectively prioritise risk based on each customer’s unique environment. Find out how Open Systems helped Chemours transform its approach to cybersecurity on page 90.” Tom Corn Chief Product Officer, Open Systems 50