Technology Record - Issue 25: Summer 2022

80 I NT E R V I EW Making the most of Microsoft protection Arno Robbertse of ITC Secure shares how organisations can combat the increase in the sophistication and volume of cyberattacks by implementing Microsoft technology correctly Cybersecurity is a prevalent topic in boardrooms, particularly now that businesses and individuals spend a lot of time communicating and working online. However, many organisations are unaware of their cybersecurity status. Cybersecurity services provider, ITC Secure, monitors its client systems from a 24-hour security operations centre, reacting to attacks and proactively searching for threats on behalf of its customers. “What we’re seeing is that cyberattacks are continuing to increase in sophistication and volume across all business verticals industries and Microsoft users often aren’t using the security solutions that they have available to them to their maximum potential,” says Arno Robbertse, CEO of ITC Secure. The first step in a cybersecurity journey is to understand what risks and vulnerabilities the user is exposed to and then to make a plan on how these can be prevented. “The scary thing about cybersecurity is that anything could happen to users and that could have a significant impact on their business, and it’s this realisation that leads to action,” says Robbertse. “The reality is that the effort, time and expertise needed to establish 24/7 threat detection and response capabilities in-house can be overwhelming, an issue compounded by the cyber skills gap of more than 2.72 million professionals globally.” As a result, more and more businesses are turning to managed security services providers like ITC Secure to remove the burden of deploying, configuring and managing their security across multiple environments. According to Robbertse, Microsoft has made considerable investments into the research and development of its security products so that Azure can provide a set of tools for organisations to stay secure across all operating systems and cloud infrastructures. As a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association with Microsoft Security Advanced Specialization in cloud security, identity and access management and threat protection, ITC Secure deploys, configures and manages security workloads in the Microsoft environment in order to reduce risks for its customers. “We think about cybersecurity as a perfect trinity of people, governance and technology,” says Robbertse. “And what we do is secure those three areas together. We manage risk effectively because what we have in Microsoft now is a platform that gives us the best in-class tools to innovate and build intellectual property around it. “Whilst cybersecurity can be very technical, part of what we do is we turn that technical reason into boardroom language so that our customers can understand their risks and make BY A L I C E CHAMB E R S “ We think about cybersecurity as a perfect trinity of people, governance and technology”