Technology Record - Issue 26: Autumn 2022

142 Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, a key consideration for many businesses was what tools would be required to support a shift towards more flexible ways of working. RSM UK, a provider of audit, tax and business consulting services, knew the future lay in integrating telephony with Microsoft Teams. David Hilland, IT partner at RSM UK, said: “We’d begun discussions with a couple of vendors about converting more fixed end points to Teams telephony, but then the pandemic hit, and it became even more important to deliver wide-scale home working. “Our staff had been using Teams to call each other, but their desk phones were diverted to their mobiles. It was costly and cumbersome, and it became obvious that to scale up successfully we would need a different way of handling calls, as well as a very agile partner to help us make the most of the opportunity. Call it a Covid-19 dividend if you wish, but the cloud in this instance did have a silver lining. The potential cost savings looked very substantial but migrating our entire UK staff to Teams calling was not a small task.” RSM decided to outsource the Direct Routing for Teams rollout to Gamma and an RSM project team was appointed to work with Gamma’s project planning and delivery specialists. “The configuration required to set up the direct routing between Gamma and Teams is very straightforward and allows for a very controlled granular rollout,” said Hilland. “Gamma’s porting team submitted and took care of moving our telephone numbers from the incumbent supplier to Gamma. Overall, we experienced very little down time, and 99 per cent of offices didn’t see any at all. Thanks to the work of the joint project teams, we succeeded on time and with no additional costs. “I will add that the RSM UK training we provided via live Teams events and Q&A sessions helped as it removed the fear factor for our users.” The deployment of Gamma Direct Routing for Teams has meant that remote working for RSM staff and partners is now a more seamless experience. Teams telephony allows staff to speak with clients and colleagues as efficiently as they did when they were wholly office-based. RSM UK, an audit, tax and business consulting services provider, is leveraging Gamma Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams to enable a company-wide cultural and working-practice revolution P ROF I L ED : R SM UK Reimagining the workplace “ We experienced very little down time, and 99 per cent of offices didn’t see any at all” RSM UK’s main office now has an open-plan meeting space where people can work collaboratively