Technology Record - Issue 26: Autumn 2022

148 F E ATUR E Manufacturers are using digital supply chain technologies to ensure the asset productivity and supply chain visibility they need to stay competitive in an increasingly demanding commercial landscape. We asked selected Microsoft partners how they are helping manufacturing firms gain the visibility they need to thrive Partner perspectives “As a leading Microsoft Partner, Avanade is proud to be awarded the 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Manufacturing and Supply Chain. We are seeing investments in digital solutions to deal with the day-to-day impact of evolving consumer expectations, ongoing supply chain disruptions and the rapid expansion of new technologies, revolutionising the industry. Responsible manufacturing is also driving digital investments, especially on sustainable sourcing and production. With our manufacturing team and Industry X practice, Avanade is helping manufacturers go beyond Industry 4.0 digitalisation to enhance the worker, partner and consumer experience, drive operational resilience and enable agile production for sustainable and personalised products and services.“ “A majority of industrial leaders are using Microsoft Azure for Manufacturing – and for good reason. It helps us to help our customers leverage cloud capabilities for new layers of asset health visibility. The hosting platform makes it possible to deliver computationally heavy and artificial intelligence-driven analytics that give them production environment insights. As a backbone for Augury’s Process Health and Machine Health solutions, Microsoft Azure allows us to not only capitalise on its capabilities but evolve those services. Looking forward, we’ll help companies combine multiple sets of data from across the ecosystem, aggregate them into neverbefore-imagined insights, and do it at scale.” Tom Nall Global Manufacturing and Automotive Lead, Avanade James Newman Director of Market Strategy, Augury