Technology Record - Issue 26: Autumn 2022

170 F E ATUR E Technology Record asked media experts to share their vision of the future of broadcasting Industry insights “The proliferation of ‘smart pocket televisions’ – smart phones – is a significant driver of new media consumption habits. Our group explores which new technologies will go beyond that, such as the Metaverse and Web 3.0, the evolution of virtual and mixed reality experiences, and the opportunities provided by non-fungible tokens and digital collectables, and then considers how our global audiences will evolve alongside them. As audiences move through their entertainment lives with us, they are on the hunt for more advanced versions of the things that they loved as kids as they grow up. For example, I grew up in the arcade video game era, and we can see how this has contributed to the sophisticated interactive home and mobile media landscape of today. We find strong value in exploring how the media landscape may look further down the road, taking full advantage of a blend of new and emerging technologies with the various media experiences that our parents, friends, kids and even grandkids love right now. We put creative energy into seeing what will engage and enchant our audiences in the most interesting ways using the most cutting-edge technologies available.” James Clement Director of Operations, Sky Sports Ted Schilowitz Futurist, Paramount Global “Sport offers a unique moment in time opportunity to immerse the viewer in what they love and at Sky we use a range of technologies to enable us to tell the incredible stories across all devices, offering leading insight, the best access and bringing the viewer closer to the action. We seek efficient, inclusive and sustainable workflows across remote and hybrid cloud production techniques, broadcasting in full ultra-high-definition and high dynamic range with Dolby Atmos. Our stunning studios on location and at our HQ incorporate augmented reality, touchscreen and LED tech and we capture and visualise avatar recreation across live play and hero imagery. Increasingly we bring together enriched data with personalisation enabling interaction, polling, community and incentivisation. We constantly innovate, finding ways to attract new viewers wherever they are and evaluate every linear programme, clip, stream, vertical or piece of social content to engage and entertain.”