Technology Record - Issue 26: Autumn 2022

76 F E ATUR E P RODUC T FOCU S : DYNAM I C S 3 6 5 Staying of the curve ahead BY E L LY YAT E S - ROB E R T S With Dynamics 365 playing an increasingly important role in modern business operations, Emily He shares how Microsoft is evolving the technology suite to give customers and partners new and better opportunities Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a core component of any digitally transformed landscape, with organisations of every kind using the Microsoft technology to modernise their operations and address core challenges. In recent years, the Dynamics 365 offering has helped its users leave behind a world of siloed data to gain a more holistic view of their businesses. We speak with Emily He, corporate vice president of business applications marketing at Microsoft, about the recent evolution of Dynamics 365 and the wide range of partner solutions that support it across all industry sectors. How has the portfolio of intelligent business applications contained in the Dynamics 365 suite evolved over the past couple of years? The world of work has fundamentally changed and our focus has been on staying ahead of these shifts to help businesses proactively adapt. We have been continuously evolving business and productivity applications to help organisations do more with less, meet shifting customer expectations, and empower employees to do their best work in a decentralised hybrid work culture. Dynamics 365 is purpose-built for the new organisation, where data, processes, insights and knowledge from people across the business are hyperconnected. That’s why we are integrating artificial intelligence (AI), automation, collaboration, and other technologies into Dynamics 365,