Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

103 with multi-site structures such as emergency call centres, railway phone networks, highway agencies, financial institutions, public administrations, oil, gas, energy and other utility providers, and many others. In addition to helping them meet legal requirements, Mida Recorder also allows companies to analyse conversations to better understand customers and identify opportunities to increase service performance. Which industries can use Mida C3 and Mida Recorder solutions? Both our UC solutions for Microsoft Teams are suitable for private and public environments, with their flexible and modular architecture and our pay-as-you-grow pricing model making them suitable for businesses of any size. Customers can rely on our more than 18 years of experience in delivering secure and integrated UC solutions to ensure they can efficiently meet their corporate requirements. Our customers are service providers, system integrators and companies in the finance, transportation, security and safety, and command and control markets. One notable example is a French asset management firm that relies on Mida Recorder to safely encrypt and store conversations in the countries they were recorded in to guarantee compliance with the latest privacy and security regulations. Mida C3 and Mida Recorder both received Microsoft Teams certification in 2022. What does this certification show about the quality of your solutions? Becoming the first Italian company to obtain this prestigious certification is a huge achievement – it shows customers worldwide that our solutions are fully compatible with Teams and meet Microsoft’s high quality, interoperability and security standards. Consequently, they can be confident that Mida’s solutions will provide the advanced features they need to handle a high volume of conversations and securely track and store them in compliance with the latest regulations and business requirements. Achieving this certification also highlights our continued willingness to provide advanced UC solutions that meet the demands of our clients and enhance the employee and customer experience. How will Mida expand or evolve its enterprise communication offerings in the future? Microsoft Teams certification is just one of many important goals we’d like to achieve as part of our strategy to elevate our solutions. We’ve already streamlined the activation process and upgraded the web portals associated with our solutions to ensure they work more seamlessly and intuitively. In addition, we’re developing new conversation features and integrations for our suite of solutions, and in the future, we plan to extend our partner network to help us evolve our solutions as technologies change and show our clients how analysing UC data can optimise their performance. “Certification shows that our solutions are fully compatible with Teams and meet Microsoft’s high quality, interoperability and security standards”