Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

106 F E ATUR E pandemic – said they see the value of new technology and are eager to learn, but they often lack the right tools. “The research uncovered challenges nearly every business is facing right now and revealed ways that technology may be able to break up productivity log jam, alleviate stressors that affect job satisfaction, and empower financial services frontline workers, who already view learning new technology as a way to further their careers,” said Borden. What’s reassuring is that two-thirds of the financial services frontline workers surveyed said they are excited about the opportunities technology is bringing to their industry. Meanwhile, 78 per cent said they feel they have been equipped with the right tools to do their jobs effectively. But almost 60 per cent say they expect to struggle with new technology at work.“The financial services industry has an opportunity to empower the front lines by adopting solutions that boost productivity with automation, enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Borden. “Automating mundane tasks gives workers time back for high-touch, qualitative responsibilities that can improve job satisfaction – and for getting more familiar with new technology.” This is where Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services comes into its own, bringing together capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Azure cloud. Using the platform, banks can speed up and streamline time-consuming tasks such as loan applications and insurance claims, answer common customer queries, schedule appointments, log customer interactions and analyse transactions and customer history. This creates new opportunities for banks to transform service delivery, while also improving upselling and decision-making. Updated features within the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services offering include ‘Customer Intelligence’, which brings together important, relevant and accurate customer information from multiple sources via Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This empowers frontline workers to engage with customers based on relevant insights that help them quickly understand the customer. Meanwhile, a new Intelligent Appointments feature provides customers and financial institutions with a convenient meeting scheduling experience on the customer’s preferred channel. “Customers appreciate 24/7 access to their data as well as the ability to communicate and schedule time with advisors,” said Matthew Kerner, vice president of Microsoft Cloud for Industry, in an October 2022 blog post published on “Intelligent appointments provide customers with a self-service experience to book time with an advisor. Financial institutions can offer flexibility by allowing the customer to choose how and when they want to meet with their financial service provider.” Kerner said the scheduling experience easily and quickly matches the availability, relevance and skills of the customer’s financial needs advisor. “Scheduled meetings are automatically “Customers appreciate 24/7 access to their data as well as the ability to communicate and schedule time with advisors” MATTHEW KERNER, MICROSOFT