Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

11 84 E POS devices use next-generation technology and artificial intelligence to create optimal listening experiences 86 JourneyTEAM helped Xyngular migrate from a legacy on-premises solution to Dynamics 365 Business Central 87 Microsoft Viva helps to engage employees, combat burnout and streamline operations. Synergy Technical’s Dan Finn explains 88 A VIXA’s Sean Wargo explains the value of communication in resolving audiovisual supply chain issues 90 A few examples of how Johnson Controls is helping organisations use its solutions for improved environmental strategies 92 Barracuda’s data protection applications can safeguard files in Microsoft 365, especially with the rise of hybrid cloud environments 93 Kyndryl’s Levi Norman shares how distributed cloud environments enable users to access edge computing and meet performance and compliance needs 94 Lisa Stewart of Teradata outlines five ways that businesses can use third-party data analytics to make the most of their data 96 Carla Granger discusses how Microsoft 365 has enabled Kyndryl to support customers’ digital transformations 98 The AV and IT sectors are collaborating to develop technologies that transform how people work and live. AVIXA’s Dan Goldstein tells us more 100 Richard Baird explains how Kyndryl and Microsoft’s approach to mainframe data helps customers realise new possibilities 102 Attilio Licciardello shares how Mida Solutions helps enterprises to interact with customers within the Microsoft Teams environment CONT ENT S F E ATUR ED PARTNE R S 185 A selection of Microsoft partners operating across all business sectors 192 THE L A S T WORD Technology industry analyst Jeff Kagan discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by the metaverse