Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

121 Osem-Nestlé is using data from Augury’s Machine Health solutions to improve product quality and transform operations, including the production line for its top-brand hummus I NDU S T R I A L S & MANU FAC TUR I NG Since its implementation in 2020, Augury has helped Osem-Nestlé avoid unexpected downtime and other costs caused by machine failure. With the saved production hours, Osem-Nestlé has been able to increase capacity and better meet consumer demand. Osem-Nestlé was also impressed by the way Augury supported the company in achieving internal buy-in to its approach by demonstrating the worth of the new technology to its teams. “Augury has always been very accessible and professional in keeping everyone engaged with the technology, presenting its results clearly to our factory managers and operational management team so that they are onboard with the approach we’re taking,” says Liss-Rubin. In May 2022, Augury acquired Seebo, a company that delivers process-based insights using artificial intelligence, which helps manufacturers optimise processes as they handle competing objectives. Liss-Rubin is excited by the prospect of these new capabilities surrounding process intelligence. “We’re very excited about the potential that the acquisition of Seebo brings,” she says. “Our ambition is to create a truly smart factory, both from the maintenance and process control perspectives. There is so much more that we can do together as we develop new ideas and approaches that extend beyond predictive maintenance into overall production health.” To learn more about how Osem-Nestlé used Augury’s Machine Health Solutions, visit: