Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

13 R E TA I L & CG 156 Retail resilience How solutions from Microsoft and its partners are aiding retailers and consumer good organisations 166 RSM is focusing on understanding consumers to help clients create premium customer experiences 168 M icrosoft and Blue Yonder are working together to improve retail experiences for employees and customers PUB L I C S E C TOR 170 R etailers need a smarter approach to customer engagement, says Seb Reeve of Nuance Communications 172 Diebold Nixdorf ’s Reint Jan Holterman shares three strategies that can help retailers find success 174 Rahul Kumar and Ravi Sharma explain how Infosys’ REF-OR-M Smart Retail Solution is helping stores build customer loyalty 176 Flooid’s Donna Stevens tells us how cloud and omnichannel offerings can help brands meet customer expectations 177 How Axis Communications has helped RC Willey to reduce theft and vandalism with security and analytics technologies 178 Osotspa has used Tollring’s Analytics 365 solution to support remote workers by improving communication and collaboration 180 According to Richard Meeus of Akamai, retailers should prioritise cybersecurity as they fight to keep the trust of consumers 182 Heineken has improved the productivity of sales and account managers by implementing Experlogix CPQ 142 Connected urban transport Microsoft and its partner ecosystem are helping cities deliver next-generation transportation systems 146 Automated Intelligence’s Paul Hudson shares how organisations can improve information management 147 How SignUp Software’s solution has helped Reliable Medical Supplies reduce employee workloads 148 Louisa Barker of IDC discusses the ways technology is improving the lives of displaced peoples 150 Gamma’s Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams has helped believe housing ease hybrid working for its employees 152 Microsoft’s Sally Frank and Tim Gray discuss how technological evolution is aiding inclusive healthcare