Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

143 PUB L I C S E C TOR Lowe, head of information systems at TfGM, in a Microsoft case study. “This work, which complements other technology changes we are making, is fundamental to ensure we can deliver outstanding transport services now and for the future of the region.” Microsoft and its partners are helping city leaders to realise plans that improve city life. At Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2022 in November, several organisations joined the Microsoft booth to showcase their technologies in this area. For example, US-based firm Umojo highlighted NexCity, a cloud-based platform designed to modernise municipal parking infrastructure. Meanwhile, PTV Group demonstrated how PTV Optima uses transport network modelling and real-time data to provide traffic operators and road users with current and predicted traffic conditions in urban environments. Cubic Transportation Systems exhibited Cubic Urban Mobility Back Office, a revenue management system that allows users to manage complex, multimodal transportation networks while enabling people to manage their travel needs via a single account. Accenture also highlighted its smart city infrastructure platform – called The Future of Transport Operations – which enables city leaders to digitalise urban infrastructure operations, and “ There is opportunity for governments to implement solutions that benefit their citizens while also driving progress towards sustainability goals” ANGELA HEISE, MICROSOFT