Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

P ROF I L ED : R E L I AB L E MED I CA L S UP P L I E S Committed to improving the lives of their customers seeking compassionate care, Reliable Medical Supplies needed all the help it could get when it came to improving efficiency. During the pandemic, the organisation was forced to reduce the size of its accounts payable (AP) department, which was already stretched to its limits due to manual supplier invoice processes. With the additional personnel constraints creating additional challenges, it quickly realised the potential value of automating its AP processes to ensure the business continued to run successfully. Reliable Medical Supplies implemented SignUp Software’s AP automation solution – ExFlow – to transform its AP process and reduce employee workload. ExFlow was developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (AX) and Business Central (NAV). Being built into the enterprise resource planning solution ensures that there is one source of truth which increases efficiency, transparency and control in their AP invoice process. The medical equipment provider was able to deploy ExFlow into its Business Central enterprise resource planning system within one month, which provided instant relief for its AP staff. “Our AP team is actually smaller now as a $50 million company, compared to when we were a $20 million company and ExFlow is a major contributor to that,” says Tom Carlson, controller at Reliable Medical Supplies. In addition, AP employees can now run financial statements much faster and guarantee that data is accurate and up to date. The cycle for month-end reporting has also been halved, freeing up time for more strategic tasks. Users praise the solution for improving the process of mapping of invoices onto branches and divisions. “ExFlow has allowed us to grow and take on new acquisitions without requiring additional headcount,” says Carlson. “We’re excited to use AP automation with even more entities in the future. ExFlow is going to be a great product to work with moving forward.” SignUp Software’s solution has helped Reliable Medical Supplies to reduce employee workload and improve efficiency Instant relief in accounts payable “ExFlow has allowed us to grow and take on new acquisitions” TOM CARLSON, RELIABLE MEDICAL SUPPLIES 147