Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

153 PUB L I C S E C TOR recently engaged Microsoft partner Hyro to enhance patient and staff experiences using its adaptive, language-based artificial intelligence assistants. The solution offloads repetitive, administrative tasks, like password resets. While seemingly trivial, this need was prompted by Baptist Health’s implementation of Epic’s electronic health record. The team at Baptist Health knew that standardising on Epic would generate an increased volume of calls to the IT service desk. By implementing Hyro’s solution, the team was able to reduce frustration and downtime for staff members. Typically, Hyro can deploy the solution in a matter of weeks and Baptist Health saw benefits just 10 days after implementation. During the pandemic, Hyro also worked with Novant Health, a healthcare provider with 18 medical centres and hundreds of clinics in North Carolina, USA. Novant was already using Hyro’s virtual assistant on its website homepage to help patients find physicians, navigate efficiently using the search functionality, and book appointments. Faced with a sudden increase in concerned callers and the need to schedule vaccinations, Novant deployed VAXA, Hyro’s AI-powered Covid-19 vaccine access solution, which offered 24/7 coverage for its call centre. Almost immediately, VAXA drastically reduced patient wait times from an average of eight minutes to three seconds. In the early days of the pandemic when a high volume of patients was seeking reliable information, VAXA was able to field and resolve 85 per cent of Novant’s calls. Novant also found that Hyro’s solution helped to funnel callers who were looking for help scheduling a vaccination appointment, enabling the company to expand its patient base by offering additional help beyond Covid-19 services. Another example is RxLightning, a company focused on automating the process of prescribing and managing speciality medications. Typically, these medications, like oncology drugs, rely on paper forms being faxed between the pharmacies, clinicians and payers. Imagine being diagnosed with cancer, and then