Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

164 F E ATUR E “Analytics 365, Tollring’s native application for Microsoft Teams, is helping retailers and consumer goods organisations to be more competitive and resilient by overcoming many of the challenges associated with supporting a flexible workforce. The app provides graphical dashboards for all operational roles, whether a manager wants to understand their team’s activities, or an individual wants to look at their own analytics to manage wellbeing. It helps improve staff communication and collaboration, which leads to stronger levels of customer service. For example, Thailand-based fast-moving consumer goods organisation Osotspa is using Analytics 365 to enhance the management of its flexible workforce. Read more on page 178.” Tony Martino CEO, Tollring “Changing consumer shopping behaviours and the pandemic have greatly impacted the retail industry. These upheavals have led to a chasm between productivity and collaboration for frontline and knowledge workers, making collaboration even more critical for maintaining an efficient supply chain. The good news is that both the retail industry and solution providers are taking steps to enable frontline workers through focused policies and solutions. Microsoft Cloud for Retail offers frontline workers solutions that enhance collaboration and productivity experience, while the Microsoft Supply Chain platform allows employees to stay in flow of work and achieve better outcomes for the business and themselves.” Anshuman Agrawal Principal Technology Architect, Infosys Donna Stevens Senior Vice President, Product and Marketing, Flooid “Flooid relies on Microsoft to support our retail clients with the best and most flexible, powerful solutions that dovetail with ours to operate their stores and sell to their shoppers. The pace of retail change is accelerating beyond what any of our customers imagined and it’s up to Flooid and our partners to enable transformation in an optimised way. Resilience, security, performance and flexibility are all critical for our customers and with solutions provided by partners like Microsoft, we are confident in assuring our customers that they can trade as and when their shoppers demand.”