Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

169 accuracy of what is available at that moment. Predicted demand for store and buy-onlinepickup-in-store sales must consider sales velocity, trends and seasonality to produce accurate results. AI is key to this and enables retailers to predict capacity, aligning inventory with available resources and bandwidth to fulfill customer purchases and deliver to highly reliable inventory visibility.” Halka highlights the value of the AI and ML capabilities built into Blue Yonder’s Order Management solution. “These tools are helping retailers enhance customer experiences by giving greater visibility and transparency while being able to keep their promises to customers, no matter where they choose to buy.” The strategic partnership between Blue Yonder and Microsoft goes beyond order management and inventory analytics though. Blue Yonder’s workforce management platform is increasing accuracy and automating labour forecasting and schedule creation for some of the world’s largest retailers, including a chain with more than 10,000 locations and 200,000 employees around the world. “Our customers can use advanced data analytics to create more trusted schedules which benefits frontline workers and improves engagement and productivity,” says Halka. “Blue Yonder’s integration into Microsoft Teams empowers employees to view their schedule, and request shift swaps and time off, all through a modern mobile interface.” Together, Microsoft and Blue Yonder are focused on transforming and enabling an evolved consumer experience that encompassed the entire customer journey, from online to the physical store. “The goal is to keep retail resilient and deliver a tailored experience each and every time,” says Halka. R E TA I L & CG