Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

175 segmentation, outreach, loyalty points management, omnichannel engagement, as well as analytics and reporting. Robust operations Strengthening the retail back end is vital, and is part of Infosys’ third lever: robust operations, which is the backbone for delivering a holistic and differentiated experience. For retail businesses to thrive and fulfil customer demands such as instant deliveries, smooth returns and stock visibility, they must have a robust backend system. With the growing relevance of omnichannel in retail, it is becoming critical for all departments to work collaboratively, with inventory and data visibility across the system. Infosys has been leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for successful client transformation journeys across finance and operations in real time, using multiple integrations and application programming interfaces (APIs). Order integration automation with e-commerce front-end – using Adobe Experience Manager, with Salesforce and Vlocity customer relationship management (CRM) for shop walk-in customers – brought seamless interaction between e-commerce front-end and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) product. Infosys has also built multiple APIs for e-commerce to enable users to reserve and unreserve inventory, to synchronise order information for walk-in order, and to access payment status updates. This combination contributes to better inventory visibility across multiple channels in order to deliver seamless and consistent experience across devices and platforms. In addition to these three key aspects, the shift of business from store-based to digital channels gives rise to the need of constant customer interactions, addressing challenges related to personalised shopping experiences, easy shipping and returns, faster deliveries, and stock availability across all channels. These can be achieved using chatbots for a personalised experience, faster service and query resolution, rich customer insights, curbside pick-up and drop, digital payments, and digitising the supply chain and merchandising process, to name a few. These are further enhanced by the use of data and artificial intelligence – the possibilities these bring are endless. Rahul Kumar and Ravi Sharma are directors at Infosys R E TA I L & CG