Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

183 The Experlogix solution also provides automation capabilities so that users can pre-configure quotes and agreements before they even visit the customer, with a prompted questionnaire that quickly provides all information about product variations, pricing, discounts, timing and more. “CPQ is easy to work with and allows us to create complex quotes and agreements in a short time frame,” says Jaap Versnel, business analyst at Heineken. “CPQ is simple to use; it’s got a great look and feel and offers the best value for your investment.” According to Versnel, the solution provides account managers with everything they need to finalise and present a quote or agreement to their customers within a single visit. Updates and changes can be processed with a few clicks; if a quote or agreement is feasible, the CPQ processes it instantly. However, if there’s an issue, the solution provides prompts and directly alerts the account manager so they can input the right information. “Our CPQ tool enables Heineken to maintain a single Microsoft Dynamics CRM database that holds all pricing and product information,” says Jeff Holway, vice president of Microsoft alliances at Experlogix. “Sales account managers can launch the CPQ directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and work through a guided sales process with assurance that all information and records are always current and centralised with the Dynamics database. The full CPQ/Dynamics integration ensures businesses work with one version of the truth.” By implementing Experlogix CPQ, 120 sales account managers at Heineken have reduced the time they spend creating and updating agreements by more than 50 hours per week. R E TA I L & CG “CPQ is easy to work with and allows us to create complex quotes and agreements in a short time frame” JAAP VERSNEL, HEINEKEN