Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

28 MAR K E TWATCH Microsoft has launched its new Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, which is designed to maximise the use of supply chain data by combining Microsoft’s artificial intelligence with low-code, security and software-as-aservice applications. The Supply Chain Platform will be built around the Microsoft Supply Chain Center, which will work natively with an organisation’s supply chain data and applications to provide supply and demand insights, as well as order management. It will analyse data from applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers, including SAP and Oracle. The Supply Chain Center will also include prebuilt modules to address supply chain disruptions. Overhaul has been selected as a launch partner for Microsoft’s new Supply Chain Center. Microsoft customers will benefit from Overhaul’s data to inform real-time supply chain risk scenarios and allow customers to better and more quickly test those scenarios. “Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and customers are demanding more actionable insights to help them understand and act on what is happening in realtime,” said Barry Conlon, CEO and founder of Overhaul. “By delivering our solution with Microsoft, we will take supply chains from being able to sense and respond, to being capable of anticipating and acting, helping shippers deliver truly innovative supply chains in far less time and with greater precision.” Microsoft’s Supply Chain Platform to enhance supply and demand services PARTNER PERSPECTIVE Overhaul partners with Microsoft on new supply chain initiative