Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

47 less time, cost and complexity but with more innovation, agility and resilience. It’s also important to clarify that doing more with less doesn’t mean working harder or longer; we have learned that approach is not going to scale. As an organisation, we are working on better ways to help our customers and partners to apply technology to amplify what they can do, and ultimately, what an organisation can achieve amidst today’s constraints. Over the past few years, we have talked extensively about digital transformation. In today’s macroeconomic climate, it is more critical than ever to deliver on the digital imperative for every organisation. In the Global Partner Solutions organisation, we have an amazing ecosystem of partners that are helping our customers do this with the Microsoft Cloud. No other cloud offers the best-of-category products and the best-of-suite solutions, and our ecosystem of more than 400,000 partners is really something to be proud of. And finally, as this issue of the magazine is published, we’ll all be preparing for the holiday season. What relevance does this time of year hold for you and how will you be celebrating? The holiday season is really special for me. It represents a time for deeper connection with family and friends – something we’ve come to appreciate even more with the challenges of the past few years. It’s also a time to rest, recharge and reflect, which is so important for all of us. So, I’m looking forward to some downtime, celebrating Hanukkah with my family, and expressing my gratitude for the amazing people in my life. At Microsoft Inspire 2022, Satya Nadella highlighted the important role of Microsoft and its partners in helping businesses in all industries do more with less