Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

At Microsoft Practice, we o er Infosys EcoWatch Platform for Retail Companies to drive & publish sustainability goals across your facilities, buildings, plants by managing data collection, reviewing, and publishing across teams & stakeholders. Water Data Model Such as Water Consumption, Usage for Water E ciency in textile dyeing, nishing facilities, supplier facilities Waste Data Model With E ciency in tracking enabling reduction per unit of manufacturing, distribution levers & packaging related waste Energy Data Model Tracking across facilities of owned sites, as well as energy generated from supply chain, logistics sites, stores, other retail spaces Emissions Data Model & framework across Scope 1, 2 & 3 tracking of emissions from home deliveries, reduction from transport used such as long-haul trucks etc. Social & Governance Data Model for tracking KPIs across Wages, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Plan to Publish Process ow for Seamless Collaboration across stakeholders Green Supplier Connect for Green Supply Chain Employee Carbon Footprint Scorecard for Increased Awareness Plan, Ingest, Audit, and Publish your Sustainability Goals and Data leveraging INFOSYS ECOWATCH PLATFORM FOR RETAIL LIVE ON INFOSYS COBALT To learn more please visit our website: or you can also reach out to Ashish Saxena for more details.