Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

55 “The evolution of machine and deep learning over the past few years has been fuelled by structured data from databases and unstructured data from images and videos from the internet and edge devices such as internet protocol cameras. As the world shifts to a more connected, digital-rich place, platforms like Microsoft Azure provide cognitive services to help customers use AI tools to solve business problems by connecting cloud-to-edge solutions. At Microsoft Ignite 2022, we highlighted the partnership between Axis Communications and Azure and how it represents that cloud-to-edge collaboration. The demand for business intelligence will accelerate over the next decade as more industries are impacted by AI.” Quang Trinh Manager of Professional Services, Axis Communications “Many businesses are now using robotic process automation solutions like MetaViewer to streamline their processes. The technology provides on-demand status information on all business processes, ranging from order management to inventory control. It also enhances relationships between companies and their vendors or customers while streamlining data and optimising additional business technology investments, such as enterprise resource planning on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Customers using MetaViewer AP Automation have reduced the printing and paper costs associated with accounts payable processing, implemented up-todate document management systems and provided automated routing and tracking for approval of nonpurchase-order invoices.” Alyssa Putzer Marketing Communications Specialist, Metafile Information Systems Smart Local Controls AI Technology: Enabling Smart & Healthy Buildings Thermostats, other sensors Energy Meter Equipment Multi-vendor BMS Control Operator Insights Energy Savings, Management & Monitoring Edge AI Data Storage & Offline Analysis Local Control “Today’s AI-powered building automation systems can make facilities more energy-efficient, healthy, autonomous, safe and responsive to occupant needs. These AI-based systems are a significant step toward a truly smart building that has the intelligence to manage, heal and secure itself. By deploying AI technology, building managers can lower resource consumption, reduce operating costs, optimise space use, increase productivity, improve occupant comfort, gain and retain tenants and enhance revenue opportunities. In this way, AIpowered building automation systems can help building managers more easily achieve ambitious environmental, social and governance goals and better accommodate occupants who are back in the office.” Sastry Malladi Vice President, OpenBlue AI Solutions, Johnson Controls