Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

58 “CyberProof leverages Microsoft’s extended detection and response (XDR) architecture for our modern security operations. Cloud-native XDR allows an enterprise to sense anomalies across its existing data centre, office infrastructure, end points and the cloud. This cloud-native XDR architecture is resilient and able to handle large quantities of data – a key ingredient for training algorithms. AI in the form of ML is already part of many cloud-native tools, including Microsoft Defender and Sentinel. There is also a suite of AI tools to leverage natively using the data lake, which is a critical component of the modern security architecture because it enables threat hunting.” “Exceptional customer experience, quicker resolutions, increased sales and fraud prevention are imperative for any business. At Infosys, we are industrialising the capabilities of Microsoft’s Digital Contact Center (DCC) platform with Nuance to provide AI-powered recommendations. These assist virtual agents with conversational, hyper-personalised customer interactions and a secure omnichannel experience. We help augment customer experience using the DCC with Dynamics 365 Commerce by providing a seamless shopping experience with predictive self-service, proven AI recommendations, and direct-to-consumer scenarios. Associates can be empowered with real-time coaching to increase cross-sell revenues, improving the contact centre capability with biometric voice and behavioural recognition.” “Azure ML and Databricks provides us with a platform of tools and frameworks to help automate the learning of customer data. Azure enables us to build and train learning models that respond to and identify customer and market trends across huge volumes of data. We hope to take this a step further by using Microsoft AI, ML and cognitive services to develop an ‘intelligence’ module to provide insights to our customers. We would look to deploy learning models that provide our customers with insights that are not easily discoverable by humans. The result would allow us to provide suggestions on how best to make changes or decisions in their transformation journeys.” Tony Velleca CEO, CyberProof Deepika Khare Senior Consultant – MBCC Retail, Microsoft Practice, Infosys Rupert Colbourne Chief Technology Officer, Orbus Software “From marketing algorithms to automated production lines, AI is driving business value across multiple sectors. AVEVA’s industrial software uses AI to help businesses improve asset performance, streamline operations, drive efficiencies, cut costs, foster value chain resilience and support carbon emissions reduction. But we’ve only scratched the surface of AI’s potential. Advances around Industry 5.0, for example, will see AI extending human ability in transformative ways. For instance, AI systems can support humans with sophisticated guidance, helping to reduce errors, improve productivity and support better decisions. We’re at the beginning of the AI-led industrial transformation.” Jim Chappell Global Head, AI and Advanced Analytics, AVEVA COV E R S TOR Y