Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

COV E R S TOR Y “IT leaders are prioritising ML as a top investment area this year, but many organisations are still struggling to move these AI and ML projects from pilots to wide-scale production. Teradata and Microsoft are combining their data, AI and cloud capabilities to help teams across industries and professions to make data-driven decisions faster. By natively integrating Azure ML with Teradata VantageCloud on Azure we are empowering data scientists and analytics leaders to build, deploy and manage ML models at scale.” “Anywhere365 is leveraging the foundational framework of Microsoft Teams and Azure Communication Services to deliver advanced dialogue management capabilities such as omnichannel contact centre and contextual routing. Users can create scenarios where AI and ML can help answering customers, routing the conversation to the best skilled agent and assisting them to deliver the best service possible in the most productive way.” “Azure Cognitive Services fromMicrosoft brings AI within reach of developers and data scientists. Automated Intelligence’s AI.DATALIFT, an Azure-hosted software-as-aservice, brings the contents of disparate and disconnected data repositories within reach of Azure Cognitive Services to accelerate advanced decision-making, regardless of source. As 85 per cent of data in the enterprise resides in unstructured formats across a widening landscape of sources, AI.DATALIFT becomes the pipeline of connectivity for the use of tools such as ML, computer vision and natural language processing. By bridging this gap between people, technology and data, organisations can focus on improving products and services.” Erik van Arkel Global Head of Sales, Anywhere365 Tom Blankenhorn Vice President of the Microsoft Cloud Alliance, Teradata Paul Hudson Chief Strategy Officer, Automated Intelligence 60