Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

67 already offering the services that naturally align with ours.” An example of this is Orbus’s partnership with Microsoft through its iServer365 offering. “We have coupled this product very tightly to the Microsoft 365 suite and there’s a good reason for that,” says Burton. “Lots of large corporations have already made that commitment to Microsoft and we want to integrate with those standard tools to gather and enrich the information that our partners have, using the tools that they are used to. “The value of iServer365 is really tangible when you think about those large global corporations, like those I used to work as a CIO for, and how they can keep on top of their technology, processes and applications. I like to describe iServer365 as the intersection of business and technology strategy. You need to support that business strategy with technology, and that’s why enterprise architecture is so important. Businesses need a toolkit to realise their goals and that’s what we provide.” Burton believes there is unprecedented scope for where iServer365 could go next. “We’re in a privileged position in that we see a lot of what’s happening across different industry sectors,” he says. “We can use this to provide new value to our customers by giving them more insights into how they’re doing relative to others, based on industry, geography and other factors. We hold a lot of information in our platforms, so we have a team currently developing solutions that turn this into intelligence. That’s where I think there will be a lot of value in the future; bringing an economic lens to technology.” “ Businesses need a toolkit to realise their goals and that’s what we provide”