Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

71 building other strategic relationships, I’m confident we can achieve this at scale. It’s about stability and repeatability. Leading a paradigm shift As I immerse myself in this important work, I plan to keep time to value for the customer as a gauge of success. Again, success is also about lighting up scenarios like the World Cup in as many venues as possible throughout the world in a very quick and strategic way. As my team and I do this work, the customer will always be top of mind. We know that a few years back, net zero was a nice-to-have for companies. Now, a growing number of organisations are declaring they’re going to be carbon neutral or net zero, and will even go as far as reversing their historical carbon footprint. Regulations are also pushing companies to do this at a much faster rate. As achieving net zero grows increasingly urgent, facilities managers must learn to base their purchasing decisions on both sustainability and cost. That requires making all managers aware of high-level organisational goals and helping them to avert the decision paralysis that often stems from contemplating too many choices and factors at once. Working with partners like Microsoft, Johnson Controls can get the corporate world to a better place faster, helping not only the organisations it serves, but also the planet. I’m excited that Johnson Controls is at the forefront of this change and that the company is proving to be a thought leader in the space. Johnson Controls is solving some of the biggest problems that we face as a society – and as a planet – by leveraging technology to solve real-world problems. I’m thrilled to be a part of this journey. Nicole Denil is vice president of customer alliances at Johnson Controls Johnson Controls’ software provided real-time building insights for the eight stadiums of the 2022 FIFA World Cup