Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

9 CONT ENT S 48 THE E VOLUT I ON OF A I Microsoft’s Lili Cheng and Darren Bennett discuss how Microsoft and its partners are driving technological evolution to empower businesses to achieve more 16 MAR K E TWATCH The latest news from Microsoft and its partners, including Microsoft’s involvement with COP27 42 A passion for partners Microsoft’s chief partner officer Nicole Dezen discusses how the firm is helping partners to navigate a tumultuous business landscape 62 Tony Velleca of CyberProof advises businesses to adopt a cloud-native architecture to protect their IT infrastructure 65 ContraForce’s Hannah Gerstner highlights the value of going back to basics in cybersecurity 66 Gareth Burton of Orbus Software explains why digital transformation may now be a meaningless phrase 68 Johnson Controls is helping businesses balance their daily operations with the journey to net zero 72 D igital technologies will be key to reducing carbon emissions and softening the impact of soaring energy prices, says Schneider Electric’s Olivier Blum 75 A s part of Microsoft’s Supply Chain Center, Overhaul will transform experiences for Microsoft partners and customers 76 Anywhere365’s Enrico Karsten explains how artificial intelligence and machine learning empower contact centre agents 78 i Server365 enables businesses to make the most of their application data. Orbus Software’s Reda Gadiri and OBASA’s Mankgopo Moroaswi tell us more 80 PMI’s Power Platform University Hub is helping students with low-code training 82 A FAS has expedited customer query response times with Anywhere365 solutions 83 According to Metafile’s Alyssa Putzer, businesses must invest in artificial intelligence to attract and retain employees I S S U E 2 7 : WI NT E R 2 0 2 2