Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

95 and unstructured data that supports decisionmaking with machine learning and prescriptive analytics. Multinational consumer goods company Unilever has been using the Teradata VantageCloud platform to support its 27 business services. It is now able to run hundreds of reports thousands of times each month to make more-informed business decisions. Thirdly, the recent Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need to centralise data governance across functions to rapidly respond to unplanned events. Organisations that centralise governance can ensure data quality and be highly responsive to the changing market conditions. Analytics platforms that deliver easy-to-use management tools for self-service provisioning, computer and storage utilisation tracking, database monitoring and alerting, backup and restore functionality, and disaster recovery reduce the risk of unforeseen costs and help organisations be more agile and responsive to change. Fourthly, to do more with less, organisations need to carefully manage their resources to meet demand. When it comes to data, this means selecting an analytics platform that elastically scales computer and storage resources to handle peak workloads. It also means giving users the ability to prioritise their most critical workloads by configuring business rules that ensure the right resources are dynamically applied to the right workloads at the right time. Data elasticity ensures organisations achieve economies of scale and keep costs low by only paying for the resources that they use. Finally, companies should leverage the cloud and a connected data ecosystem to reduce software costs. Migrating data analytics solutions to the cloud can keep the number of software vendors to a minimum and deliver software as a service. Selecting cloud-based analytics platforms that are open and connected with many of today’s leading data services, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning modelling tools, provides the flexibility to do more with the systems that organisations already know and love. Leveraging connected, cloud-based analytics platforms helps you harness data to identify new ways to do more with less. Change can be uncomfortable but maximising your data lets you pinpoint areas for productivity improvements and shape your organisation’s transformation to a more efficient future. Learn more about Teradata’s data analytics platform at: Lisa Stewart is senior vice president of worldwide partners and alliances at Teradata Teradata’s VantageCloud solution is helping organisations to unify data lakes, data warehouses, analytics, and new data sources and types