Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

97 existing storage platform to OneDrive and launching Microsoft Power Platform. This collection of business apps aggregates data across the organisation and will allow us to create local workflows using low-code/ no-code programming. Efforts will then shift to implementing Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo, enabling us to provision and store data in geolocations outside the USA. Finally, once the foundational phases of our migration are complete, we’ll begin the gradual implementation of Microsoft Viva in our third phase. 3. Develop a robust training programme Education is key for enablement, so we turned to Microsoft and other trusted partners to help us create a comprehensive instructional strategy. Our offerings currently include ‘Office Hours’, when Microsoft hosts live training sessions for Kyndryl employees who want virtual instruction on various Microsoft tools. Sessions are offered in five languages, as well as multiple time zones and experience levels to accommodate the varied needs of our employees. We also partnered with BrainStorm to offer QuickHelp, an on-demand program that provides training in Microsoft applications based on each employee’s job and skill set. 4. Remain transparent If you don’t have answers to everything, admit it. Be honest and tell people, “Hey, we don’t have an immediate solution to your problem, but we welcome feedback. We’ll figure this out together and get where we need to be. We just ask for a little patience.” By remaining transparent, we’ve strengthened relationships and built trust with employees throughout the organisation. 5. Reimagine your measures of success. At some point, you’ll have to measure the performance of any large-scale initiative you undertake. However, our Microsoft 365 transition focuses on qualitative assessments rather than traditional metrics. In the short term, we’re using the ramp-down of existing applications and the adoption and usage of our new tools as key performance indicators. We draw insights from the net promoter scores that Microsoft collects and pay close attention to the comments we receive through the Teams feedback function. Learn more about Kyndryl’s partnership with Microsoft: Carla Granger is global leader of experience, design and practice partnerships and chief information officer of workplace experience at Kyndryl