Technology Record - Issue 29: Summer 2023

104 “ For customer engagements to truly be successful, organisations must adopt a modern approach to handling dialogues” CHRIS GOODWILL, SYMITY Packed with features for real-time messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing and much more, Microsoft Teams has rapidly become the communication and collaboration of choice for many businesses in different industries worldwide since it debuted in 2017. According to Microsoft, the number of active monthly users has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic in 2020 and had reached 300 million by May 2023. Since the pandemic and the subsequent widespread move to hybrid working, Teams has been instrumental in empowering organisations to stay connected with customers. One reason for this is that businesses can integrate solutions from Microsoft partners to enrich the platform’s built-in features and seamlessly deliver higher quality customer experiences. For example, they can implement Anywhere365’s omnichannel cloud-based dialogue management solution to optimise contact centre operations. Here, experts from Anywhere365 and its systems integration partners Post Luxembourg, Resonate and Symity discuss why Teams – and solutions such as Anywhere365 – are the most powerful tools for customer engagement. What are the biggest customer engagement challenges organisations face, particularly in the hybrid working era? CG: Traditional or legacy communication platforms are often siloed or disparate from modern software-as-a-service solutions and therefore act as barriers for organisations that are trying to deliver an engaging customer experience. If they can’t easily draw on data from various platforms – such as customer relationship management (CRM) or IT service management solutions – when resolving a customer query, Teams users often have to dip into several systems. This is inefficient and can result in a poor customer experience. BY REBECCA GIBSON ROUNDTABLE Why everyone about Teams is talking Millions of people use Teams every day but what makes it the ideal platform for customer engagement? Contact centre solution provider Anywhere365 and its partners Post Luxembourg, Resonate and Symity share their insights