Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

11 CONTENTS 44 TAKING TO THE CLOUD Kathleen Mitford and Satish Thomas explain how Microsoft technologies are helping to conquer the big enterprise challenges of today ISSUE 30: AUTUMN 2023 18 MARKETWATCH The latest news from Microsoft and its partners, including how Microsoft is helping its customers deploy AI responsibly 36 AI for good Microsoft’s Antony Cook discusses the values behind the AI Assurance Program and how partners can provide dependable AI solutions 40 More than a meeting Microsoft’s Ilya Bukshteyn shares how recent connectivity and collaboration innovations are improving productivity on Microsoft Teams 54 M ike Ettling discusses how Unit4 is working with Microsoft to create user-friendly enterprise resource planning solutions for businesses 56 It’s important to consider the human experience when deploying AI, says Anywhere365’s Hans Kramer 60 Geoff Webb reveals how isolved’s AI technology is helping businesses to automate workflows and personalise employee experiences 62 Avaya’s Omar Javaid provides insight into how industry leaders can use AI solutions as a roadmap for success 64 Kyndryl’s Stanley Wood explains how businesses can use AI safely 66 Brian Tenney discusses JourneyTEAM’s partnership with Microsoft, incorporating AI and staying at the forefront of technology advancements 67 Andy Birkey from Metafile reveals how automation tools are revolutionising accounts payable departments 68 Businesses can increase productivity, agility and innovation by using Microsoft cloud and AI technology, says Girish Ganeshan of Infosys 69 Synergy Technical is using tools like Microsoft Copilot to deliver transformative outcomes for clients, according to Rohana Meade 70 Kyndryl reveals four steps to ensure businesses maximise efficiency and transform the employee experience when adopting Microsoft Copilot 72 K arl Hantho explains how EPOS’s audio solutions and AI can transform operations 76 Entrust’s Samantha Mabey explains how businesses can prepare for post-quantum challenges 78 Theo Zafirakos from Fortra’s Terranova Security highlights the dangers associated with the advancement of AI 80 Brad Hintze of Crestron explains how to equip workspaces for effective collaboration 82 S hannon Mackay explains how Lenovo’s solutions for Microsoft Teams are helping enterprises to provide seamless experiences from anywhere 84 J abra’s Aurangzeb Khan shares why offices should invest in high-quality video technology to support the return to the office