Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

121 attributed to Chipotle also uncovering new customers and cross-sales opportunities. By utilising data in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Chipotle also now has a more holistic understanding of customer preferences and can identify buying trends and patterns across interaction channels. This is helping the chain to customise communications based on the individual consumer, including suggested products and add-on purchases, coupon code offers and loyalty programme promotions. Furthermore, by eliminating external data transfers and managing all data in one place, Chipotle is able to better protect customer data. In addition to receiving support with customer relationships, Chipotle has been able to streamline business operations and use the data it has collected to more accurately forecast inventory and sales needs based on customer behaviours, trends and geographical information. Chipotle and TTEC Digital are continuing their partnership and will work together to find new ways to leverage technology to increase knowledge of Chipotle’s consumers and deliver high-quality customer experiences. “TTEC Digital put in a lot of work to figure out what it was that Chipotle wanted from the firm and determine how it could best support those needs,” says Kommineni. “We have really enjoyed the collaboration we’ve received from TTEC Digital and look forward to continuing this relationship.” IN FOCUS: DYNAMICS 365