Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

138 by bringing everyone on board with a company vision, including the predicted impact of technology on the business and the role each worker will play in realising that vision.” Rodriguez says there are three main types of technologies that are crucial for supporting worker enablement: communication and collaboration tools, low code/no code applications and AI. “The fast-paced, industrial, and sometimes hazardous, environments in manufacturing make immediate and clear communication critical to employee wellbeing and efficiency,” he says. “As workers throughout the industry feel the pressure of shortages, supply scarcity, and high demand, it will be more valuable than ever to have quick, clear and easy channels of communication. “Collaboration and communication platforms can quickly help manufacturers onboard new employees and help them build skills with effective, and most importantly, familiar tools. This could include everything from walkie-talkie capabilities to custom role-based learning paths and mixed reality and AI capabilities.” Microsoft 365’s comprehensive suite of products empowers organisations to enhance communication and collaboration for frontline workers, while also boosting operational efficiency and strengthening security. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Viva Learning provides a powerful learning platform integrated with Microsoft Teams to quickly train new employees or upskill the current workforce for tasks in other areas. In The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Teams For Frontline Workers report by Forrester Consulting, Teams for frontline workers significantly enhanced supervisory productivity, which returned millions of dollars’ worth of working hours to timestrapped frontline managers. For example, Microsoft partner and smart buildings technology provider Johnson Controls is leveraging Teams to develop a network of ‘digital champions’ who are responsible for driving business goals. The digital champions programme evolved into an effort to foster digital leadership, peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing. Flaminia Curti, director of digital employee experience at FEATURE Photo: iStock/FG Trade