Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

156 Generative AI could have significant impact for telcos, from contact centres to the boardroom ChatGPT, the results were nothing less than astounding,” says Rick Lievano, chief technology officer for worldwide telecommunications industry at Microsoft. “We could immediately see how this technology could impact a telecommunications company from the contact centre to the boardroom. Today, we’re working with telecommunications companies to infuse generative AI across their business and improve customer experiences, automate business processes, optimise network operations, and even create new services.” A crucial component of an AI-driven future is the cloud, which plays a vital role in making AI models and the services they provide possible. AI fundamentally relies on the capabilities of the cloud to function, with the scalability, security and compliance capabilities of Microsoft Azure making it possible to build and deploy AI-enabled applications. Azure is also the only global public cloud that offers AI supercomputers with scale-up capabilities, delivering maximum performance for the most intensive AI workloads. On the other hand, AI will also deliver a range of enhancements to cloud services, building upon the benefits that Azure already offers to the media and communications industries. While Azure currently offers a strong foundation for managing data at scale and delivering content, AI promises to unlock new and powerful insights into that data. “With AI, we’re adding a layer of intelligence that unlocks new opportunities,” says Beach. “For the media industry, AI-driven insights enable hyper-personalised content recommendations, enhancing viewer engagement. It also allows for advanced content creation, like generating relevant metadata or even AI-powered storytelling. The convergence of Azure and AI creates a seamless ecosystem where data-driven decisions, dynamic content distribution, and enhanced audience experiences redefine the industry’s potential.” The capabilities of Azure have enabled Microsoft to be at the forefront of developing a wide range of new AI-powered tools and services. One example is Azure AI, a portfolio of AI solutions designed to enable developers and data scientists to create their own solutions using pre-built application programming interfaces, including models from OpenAI. “ Generative AI will impact every person by dramatically boosting their productivity thanks to their Copilot assistants” RICK LIEVANO, MICROSOFT FEATURE Photo: iStock/sturti