Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

158 FEATURE We asked Microsoft partners how they are using AI tools and services from Microsoft to help improve their ability to create and deliver their services Partner perspectives “Incorporating AI tools from Microsoft is helping empower Ateme’s competitive technological agility, including the use of AI to optimise video compression. This innovation improves our encoders’ performance and adds highvalue functionalities. We can also optimise our end-to-end, over-the-top delivery solutions to prioritise content or formats based on subscriber consumption. This reduces the overall bitrate and server use and lowers operators’ environmental impact while meeting viewers’ video quality expectations. We also use AI internally to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up human resources to allow us to concentrate on higher value-added activities.“ Mickaël Raulet Chief Technology Officer, Ateme “Generative AI has taken the world by storm, and Microsoft has been a pioneer among hyperscalers in its belief in the transformative potential of AI. Infosys has been working with AI models that, when powered by Azure and Microsoft 365, can deliver innovative and intelligent experiences that are the mainstay for content creators. With the unprecedented scalability of AI, we are investing in ‘closer to human’ conversational bots that support different formats, platforms, and dialects taking the experience to the next level in the media and communication industry. This will provide more intuitive, intelligent experiences for its audiences, with the flexibility and scalability needed to expand the assistant to interact with more demographic and media types. Through our industry-first AI offering, Infosys Topaz, we are helping customers streamline their media and communications process, strategy, content quality and engagement through generative AI capabilities.“ “ introduced its cloudswXtch virtual overlay network to help organisations move demanding, high-volume workflows into the cloud and through to many end points with optimal efficiency. That means finding ways to optimise routes between networks, switches and end points in ways that optimise network traffic, enable use of multiple clouds, and account for cloud-performance variances based on instantaneous cloud loads. is looking at Microsoft’s AI tools to confirm when routes are congested and offer predictions of when certain routes will suffer from congestion in the future. Using AI, CloudswXtch will account for these scenarios and then redirect network traffic to different paths.“ Senthil Pakkiam Koman Principal Consultant, Microsoft Practice, Infosys Geeter Kyrazis Chief Strategy Officer, Photo: iStock/shih-wei