Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

19 “Specifically, if a third party sues a commercial customer for copyright infringement for using Microsoft’s Copilots or the output they generate, we will defend the customer and pay the amount of any adverse judgments or settlements that result from the lawsuit, as long as the customer used the guardrails and content filters we have built into our products.” The Copilot Copyright Commitment is one of many initiatives that Microsoft is participating in to inspire companies to use AI responsibly. For instance, Microsoft has teamed up with six other AI companies – Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta and OpenAI – to support the Biden-Harris Administration in the USA to manage and protect against the risks posed by AI. “Companies that are developing these emerging technologies have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe,” said a press release from the White House. “To make the most of AI’s potential, the Biden-Harris Administration is encouraging this industry to uphold the highest standards to ensure that innovation doesn’t come at the expense of Americans’ rights and safety.” Following this, Microsoft has also partnered with Anthropic, Google and OpenAI to form the Frontier Model Forum, a new industry body that will focus on the safe and responsible development of AI models. The forum’s objectives will be to advance AI safety research, identify the best practices for the responsible development and deployment of frontier models and support efforts to develop applications that address societal challenges such as climate change, cancer detection and cyber threats. The forum is currently establishing an advisory board and the founding companies are arranging a charter, governance and funding to lead its efforts. Lumen Technologies uses Copilot to improve productivity Lumen Technologies, a multinational technology company, is one of many firms that has deployed Microsoft 365 Copilot to save employees time during the workday. For example, its customer service teams are using Copilot to surface relevant policies, summarise tickets or easily access step-by-step repair instructions from manuals. Meanwhile, its sales and customer experience teams are using Copilot to add depth and context to customer communications by generating content from Microsoft Teams calls, Outlook and documents. Read more on page 157 Microsoft is one of seven companies supporting the Biden-Harris Administration in the US to manage and protect against the risks posed by AI Photo: Unsplash/Andy Kennedy Photo: iStock/DKosig