Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

Taking to the cloud Microsoft’s Kathleen Mitford and Satish Thomas explain how Microsoft cloud and AI technologies are helping organisations to conquer the big enterprise challenges of today BY ALICE CHAMBERS There are three principles that Microsoft leaders follow to drive productivity across the workforce, according to Satish Thomas, corporate vice president of Microsoft Industry Clouds. “The first is clarity,” he says. “It is very important for leaders to specify what their goals are for their teams. The second principle is to generate energy. Building chemistry amongst co-workers and driving passion is critical with more dispersed hybrid teams. And the last is to deliver success on behalf of our customers. Personally, I’m always in learning mode and looking to apply and adjust those principles for the modern reality of hybrid work.” Adherence to these principles will help enterprises build the productivity required to address the complex web of challenges they face today – from cybersecurity and regulation, to sustainability and productivity. And the technology that ties all these factors together is the cloud. “The comprehensiveness of the Microsoft Cloud is critical for businesses looking to reduce their operating costs and drive productivity,” says Kathleen Mitford, corporate vice president of global industry marketing at Microsoft. “The various platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Teams, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform provide solutions for a broad range of productivity challenges.” Businesses within the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program are building upon these platforms to develop cloud-based solutions that address the challenges posed in specific industries. In healthcare, for example, Australia-based Microsoft partner Velrada has helped Bethesda Healthcare to build a new patient administration system based on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. The system provides on-demand patient access to care information, increases collaboration between COVER STORY 44