Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

57 Brands can analyse key moments of the interaction to assess how specific actions directly impacted customer sentiment and behaviour, and thereby determine whether an agent contributed positively or negatively to that goal. Actionable: Every interaction with a customer presents an opportunity to learn who they are, how they communicate and behave, what issues they want to resolve, and how they feel about the experience. Generative AI solutions can create content, customise messages and provide self-service options based on the unique needs and behaviours of individual customers. They can also empower agents to anticipate and proactively address changes in customer sentiment to deliver a more personalised experience every time. Natural: Whether they are engaging with an AI-powered bot or a live agent, consumers are seeking natural conversations. In a self-service environment, they want to be able to articulate their issue in their own words and receive a resolution that makes sense to them. Meanwhile in an agent-led environment, they expect to interact with people who have real personalities and can understand the nuances of a given issue. They do not want to speak with an agent who simply regurgitates corporate policies and knowledge entries, offering no value beyond a static FAQ page. Introducing Aviator to make HUMAN experiences a reality Anywhere365 will soon be launching Aviator, a new AI capabilities suite to empower brands that want to deliver personalised, empathetic customer experiences while dealing with surging dialogue volumes and growing cost scrutiny. Aviator will enable users to predict customers’ needs and the context of their conversations, while eliminating siloed communications and customer data. This will boost natural conversation without risking efficiency or compliance and will unlock actionable intelligence to anticipate customer needs and deliver frictionless, innovative experiences on both ends of the line, in at least five different ways. “The best agents are not simply knowledgeable, they are also warm, happy and engaging”