Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

77 to contain and mitigate losses and damage by revoking certificates for quick incident response. Beyond utilising digital certificates as a part of zero trust, CLM should serve as the starting point to reveal which credentials are used in an environment and where. This is also where an overlap with post-quantum preparedness emerges. Regarding post-quantum preparedness, we address the looming threat to traditional cryptography in use today. Organisations must take steps to prepare for the transition to quantum-safe cryptography. An initial step in this preparation is gaining visibility into cryptographic assets – from hardware and software to keys, certificates, and secrets. CLM can help with this by centralising the visibility of certificates across environments, identifying potential cryptographic risks for businesses, aiding in the migration and consolidation of PKI footprints to facilitate the transition to post-quantum cryptography, and automating certificate management and security implementations. Whether driven by practical considerations aimed at achieving visibility and control over environments, or strategic motivations to implement a zero-trust strategy and prepare for the post-quantum era, businesses utilising the right CLM tool alongside their PKI will ensure security both today and tomorrow. Samantha Mabey is digital solutions marketing director at Entrust