Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

81 The Crestron Sightline Experience (top) and AirMedia Connect Adaptor (bottom) are helping to improve the remote and hybrid experience for employees in products that ensure equitable meeting experiences for all participants. “The concept of ‘equal pixel real estate’ has been top of mind at Crestron and we are leveraging our intelligent video solutions to ensure that everyone sees and can be seen in every meeting, whether they are joining as an in-person or remote collaborator,” says Hintze. “Our Sightline solution is a terrific example of that concept.” The Crestron Sightline Experience combines Crestron Flex video conferencing, DigitalMedia content distribution, and control and management platforms, to form an inclusive and scalable ecosystem. It incorporates a multi-camera automated switching system, powered by artificial intelligence, to ensure the focus is on whoever is speaking at any given time. “Intelligent video solutions track various speakers during a meeting, switching from contributor to contributor as they talk and framing them on the screen in the same manner as an online meeting attendee,” says Hintze. “That allows a remote collaborator to see everyone’s nonverbal cues and reactions as a meeting progresses. Those cues are vitally important. The ‘view down a bowling alley’ that one gets with a single camera affixed to one wall of a conference room leads to meeting fatigue and disengagement.” So, what steps can businesses take to ensure they are ready for hybrid work? “It begins with evaluating their positions,” says Hintze. “Beyond that, recognising that many rooms of all sizes require connectivity is likely step two. From there, other practical considerations come into play. For instance, businesses can consider semi-circular conference tables that face a camera and display setup on the longer wall of a conference room. There are simple measures that enhance sightlines for both in-person and virtual collaborators, contributing to sustained attendee engagement.”